Submit Raw Photography
for editing and testing

To make our presets for lightroom suit different cameras we test and calibrate them with various cameras and lenses.
We make sure your photos will look amazing whether you're using a mobile phone, entry-level DSLR or a $5k camera kit.

To achieve this we need to test our presets with different styles and gear.

Are you a photographer?
Whether you're a pro photographer or an amateur with a smartphone, you're very welcome to submit your photos. The only 'must' is your photos need be shot in a raw format.
Why should I submit my raw photos?
Well, you shouldn't. But if you do you'll get a second view on how your photo could be edited.
If we feature your photo on our website with one of our lightroom presets, we'll give you a credit and send you a preset pack of your choice for FREE.
How do I submit my photos?
Just send us an email to or drop a Google Drive folder in a form below.
Submit your raw photos:

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