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PhotoPark Smart Presets for Lightroom use professional photography techniques.
All of our presets explain the situation where you should apply them.
All PhotoPark filters work both as desktop and mobile lightroom presets.
The biggest problem with Lightroom Presets is that no one knows which one would fit your photo. PhotoPark designs professional presets for Lightroom that match particular photo scenes and color schemes. PhotoPark presets aim to give a full photography toolbox you can use both as desktop and mobile presets.

PhotoPark Colorscheme pack features 15 Lightroom filters. It's inspired by classic color schemes. It will not only help you choose the right preset for your photos it will also train you to choose color palettes while you take images.
About PhotoPark
presets for lightroom
We've spent countless hours searching for lightroom presets that would work for all types of casual photos:
- Landscape photography;
- Portrait photography;
- Urban and Street photography;
- Travel photography;

And found that it's never clear when to use each preset. So we've put our knowledge of how lighting and how advanced color grading works.
And created lightroom filters that enable modern artists to deliver spacious, colorful, atmospheric photos with just a click (or tap if you're using lightroom presets mobile).

Preset Pack

ColorScheme Preset Pack 1
15 All-round Lightroom filters for natural light, bright photos. Mobile Friendly (all samples shot on Google Pixel 3XL). What's included:

1. Basic Boost.Left Light.
2. Basic Boost. Right Light
3. Blue /Yellow. Center Light
4. Blue / Yellow. Left Light
5. Blue / Yellow. Right Light
6. Teal and Orange. Right Light
7. Teal and Orange. Left Light
8. Green /Red. Left light
9. Green / Red. Right Light
10. Red / Orange. Left Light
11. Red/Orange. Right Light
12. Light only. Left
13. Light only. Right
14. Light only. Center 1
15. Light only. Center 2

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